Managing world class Android apps and providing the best quality services to its users. NextGen, as an Android App Dev Company in Pakistan has always launched apps that are user friendly and highly interactive, satisfying many around the world.

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Advancement in technology has reached its peak in recent times and in this competition of becoming a winner, Google Android has definitely stayed the fore runner with a successful market share of 60%. And so grabbing the increased demand of android applications, NextGen has come up with even better android apps to engage users, making it one of the best android apps development company around the globe.

But of course developing hi-tech apps requires a team of experts with the right use of equipment and NextGen definitely has the right formula to gain success. Here at our company, we use latest equipments, embedded with the newest technology and combined with the right strategies to execute ideas that never fail to impress our prestigious and credible clients. Our team of Android app professionals hold expertise in various frameworks including Android SDK, Eclispe SDK, Java, Native development tools, XML, JavaScript and many more that aid in developing apps better than others.

Because we believe in delivering only the best, our team consists of designers, application development specialist and developers, each of whom are expert in their field of interest. Together they work hard to come up with trendy apps that engage users and provide them with highly satisfactory experience.



Let’s talk how to launch perfect app around your idea and achieve your goals.



From business apps to commercial ones, your ideas will be brought to life by NextGen because we serve to make your dreams come true. Our experience and expertise will help in giving your idea a structure and life that will satisfy your requirements overwhelmingly because we know how to cater your problems with the best solutions possible.

And because a business runs on profit, our team of experts acquire the simplest and most feasible solutions to materialize the idea of the clients into an app that is not only fully functional but also perform extraordinarily well.

Elevated standards and remarkable performance is what NextGen aims to provide its highly esteemed group of clientele.  That is why our professionals work day and night effortlessly to bring to you applications that are not only easy to use but are free of errors and give you an experience of a lifetime.


Professionals at Work

Understanding the language of machines and applications is not everyone’s field of expertise, so it is a good idea to outsource such services to who can provide you with the finest business applications. NextGen is well-known offshore Android App Development Company that has been successfully constructing and creating apps for businesses, making their processes run smoothly and efficiently. But why has android become so popular? The open source code and Android SDK makes it easier to create and develop mobile apps that are fun and innovative. Catering to the increasing demand of high quality android apps, we at NextGen aim at providing businesses with applications that are user friendly and performance oriented.

Various Android App Development Companies are introducing different applications everyday and so it is important to come up with an app design that is not only unique but stands out from the flood of millions of apps. We at NextGen provide complete services to our prestigious customers that not only include developing the best apps for them but also marketing these apps in the right market. Our expert marketers implement the ideal strategies to attract maximum users in less time so that the client company can earn big revenues with putting their image at stake. Our company will handle all your work in the most cost-effective way imaginable!


Chose NextGen Solutions

There are many Android Apps Development companies out there who speak exceptionally of their services but of course choosing only the best one will give you advantages worth millions. And so here is why you should chose us for developing apps for your business:


Return on investment

Using the right strategies and thriving approach, our team constructs apps that are not only cost-effective but gives you the best returns on your investment. We value your money as much as you do!

Best Customer Support

Even after delivering the best performance, our support team is 24/7 ready to cater to the client’s problems and issues because for us, our clients are our priority and we serve to provide 100% satisfaction.

Bold and clear Communication

NextGen empowers its clients and gives them transparent opportunity to track the development of their required apps in order to build up trust and a credible relationship.

Simplify App Marketing

Not only do we hold expertise in developing the absolutely best apps but our marketing specialists also help clients in promoting their applications, targeting a wider audience and generating revenues in less time.

Lets Get Started
Let’s talk how to launch app around your idea and achieve your goals.

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Satisfied with the shared hosting they are offering..thanks Next Gen

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Zain ul Abedin
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Shared Hosting
August 26, 2018

Happy with the website design and much satisfied with the hosting services they are offering. Thanks Next Gen.

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July 7, 2018
Great Support

Excellent, working with NextGen was great. Thanks to their knowledge, support and determination our website looks great and functions really good. I recommend to anyone that is looking for a custom website to give them a call.

Yawar Ali
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December 5, 2017
Great Service

The project required creativity, patience and listening, and they had an abundance of all.

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Khurram Aftab
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December 5, 2017
Nice Experience

Every minor detail has been taken care of. Clean, Modern Design, i'm very happy with the services and hosting performance.

Wasim Nazir
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December 5, 2017
Fantastic Support

Absolutely happy with their VPS server and E-commerce AutoApp, they have provided fantastic support whenever i needed by going out of the way to solve my issues. Best of luck NextGen

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Sylvie Revet
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Mobile App
Posted on:
VPS Hosting
August 26, 2018
Competitive Pricing

The prices are really competitive, they offer almost every feature in their smallest package, where as to get access to these features on other web hosts you need to choose the large package which costs several times.

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Nabil Islam
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
August 26, 2018

Excellent. Really fast hosting and can keep going with my progress.

Sumit Pareek
Fit O'Clock
Posted on:
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June 20, 2018
A Big Thank You

Custom Database Application was developed according to our requirements, on time and perfectly translated our idea. Also extra technical support was a plus.

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Muhammad Qadeer
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Web Application
December 5, 2017
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