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Ever heard of “Cloud computing”? A new technology that allows your safe a lot of space on your computers is taking over the world with fire. But implementing this new technology requires immense expertise, skills and experience in the related field which is expertly possessed by the specialists at NextGen. We believe in diversification and so our company offers a variety of services including Cloud app development, Android app development, Blackberry and games development and others so that businesses and industries belonging to different niches can benefit from our expertise.

If you intent to migrate your existing apps to cloud or start fresh, our team of experts will help you in designing the possible solutions. Because doing so is not easy, the professionals at NextGen use your ideas and their skills to create the right cloud app for your business that provides a highly satisfactory experience. After a thorough understanding of your business needs, we choose one of the many following platforms to give make processes smoother for your business.

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With a technology like Google, cloud computing and various other tasks have become possible in today’s time. Excelling in its field of innovation and technology, Google has once again surprised its users by launching a list of products that gives you an opportunity to develop your own cloud apps with ease. Their set of modular-cloud based services called “Google Cloud Platform” provides a reliable structure for the technology industry to move forward into accepting new inventions.

And with Google providing such an amazing platform to developers and users, it has become easier for people around the world to understand and accept this technology to come up with their own cloud apps ranging from more complex websites to simple applications. This trusted and credible platform is now being used by many around the world to explore the world of advancing technology while enjoying a cup of tea in their rooms.



But Google’s cloud is not the only thing that NextGen deal in. We also try to tap various other forms of cloud computing including the very famous Amazon EC2. This new technology is not only highly reliable with amazing features, but also allows the users to manage their own infrastructure and save time on improving their business functions manually.

With Amazon EC2, one can easily build apps with full-fledged features without compromising on security of their infrastructure. Whether you are looking for Google cloud experts or those who can handle Amazon EC2, experts at NextGen will not disappoint you in either way.


rackspace cloud service provider in pakistan

Rackspace provides a bigger platform where multiple servers can be used to fit to your business’s needs and using this technology the handful of skilled workers at NextGen develop only the best solutions for you. From building a strong infrastructure to smoothing out the process, using this platform, our professionals try to bring out the best ways to manage your limited resources. Whichever form of cloud computing you choose for your business, our company aims at providing quality work and services that are unmatched.


microsoft azure cloud service provider in pakistan

Another cloud computing service that might interest you is the Microsoft Azure Cloud. A technology that allows you to develop scalable solutions for your business with the most amazing data centers and complex infrastructures is what Microsoft Azure cloud hold for you. And those businesses who want to incorporate this technology in their processes, the experts at NextGen are ready to help!

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