Server Update – cPanel & WHM version 80

Next Gen Shared and Reseller hosting servers are upgraded to latest version of Cpanel & WHM that is released on 10-05-2019 by Cpanel. Important highlights of this update are as follow:

MySQL 5.5 Discontinued.

MySQL 5.5 reached End Of Life on December 31, 2018. It is no longer supported by Next Gen Hosting. You must use MySQL  5.6 or later for you web apps or websites.

Manage API Tokens in cPanel

New feature available to Manage API Tokens interface in cPanel (cPanel >> Home >> Security >> Manage API Tokens). This interface allows cPanel users to issue API tokens. Resellers and third-party developers can use these API tokens to run API functions. For security reasons avoid using this function if you are not a developer.

You can run Node.js applications

You can now install and use Node.js applications on your cpanel. This feature is not active by default, only available on request.
You can register Node.js applications in cPanel’s Application Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> Application Manager).

Email - Add and edit autoresponders

As of cPanel & WHM version 80, cPanel’s Autoresponders interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Autoresponders) only allows you to add one autoresponder per email address. If you attempt to add multiple autoresponders for an email address, an error message will appear in the interface.

To add a different autoresponder for an email address, edit the existing autoresponder.

Improved password strength check algorithm

In cPanel & WHM version 80, we improved the password strength check algorithm. It now returns lower scores for passwords with common dictionary words. You may need to choose strong passwords now onwards.

Resellers! for more information about password strength configuration, read our Password Strength Configuration documentation.

Enable SpamBox by default for new customers of Shared and Resellers hosting

When a new customers registers a Shared hosting or reseller account, the system enables this option by default. This makes the process of keeping spam out of your users’ inboxes much easier.

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