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If you’re looking out for the best solutions for hybrid and cross platform mobile apps development then NextGen is definitely the answer to your problems.

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Here at NextGen we have a special team that focuses on providing absolute solutions for hybrid and cross platform mobile development. Our purpose is to make mobility journey easier and simpler for clients and companies by providing them with cross platform apps that would enhance their revenues. With utilization of our enriched sources and team of experts, every business can reach a steady point where returns are higher with minimum investment.

At NextGen, our developers work to make things easier not just on the front but at the back-end as well. We promise to create games for various platforms with a single code, that are not only good for iOS and Windows but run equally well on Android phones. And of course with this level of expertise in our team, developing 2D and 3D games is not a problem at all. For NextGen , their customers come first and compromising on quality and great experience is definitely out of question!

We fight hard to come up with exceptional pieces of programming and software that can easily run on various platforms, providing every client and person out there with an experience beyond words. And so NextGen has always been successful in creating apps that perform exceptionally well, providing 100% satisfaction to the client company.


It takes a good grasp on programming languages and coding to develop apps that run without crashing and errors. It may sound easy, but creating apps with a single code that can run smoothly on different platforms comes with its set of problems. But of course, the highly trained professionals at NextGen are great in handling such issues with ease and expertise, without hinting the clients of the problems.

Implementation of ideal strategies at the right time is what helps us in achieving our targets which include:

  • > Hybrid app development service
  • > Using tools of cross-platform to debug mobile games, test the programs and code them
  • > Customizing coding language (as per the client’s individual requirement)
  • > Rich extensions with the cross-platform app development service
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Hiring cross platform mobile app development services may be costly but we at NextGen try our best to make things reachable to many out there. And using it as an edge over other companies, we provide finest hybrid app development services to our client and that too at most reasonable cost. We have multiple teams working at once to handle your problems with charges that will be light on your pocket.


Our developers use latest technology to develop games and apps that are absolutely amazing and provide experience worth a million bucks to the honorable clients.


Because we strive to satisfy our customers, we make sure to include them in every step of the process so that the final app is a true reflection of their expectations.


Using UI and UX is crucial for developing the finest hybrid apps and taking this into consideration, the developers at our end use these elements at every stage of their project with finesse and accuracy.


To ensure everything is well in place, our experts perform rigid test using cutting-edge practices on different cross-platform devices to avoid errors and future problems.

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Competitive Pricing

The prices are really competitive, they offer almost every feature in their smallest package, where as to get access to these features on other web hosts you need to choose the large package which costs several times.

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Nabil Islam
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
August 26, 2018

Excellent. Really fast hosting and can keep going with my progress.

Sumit Pareek
Fit O'Clock
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June 20, 2018
A Big Thank You

Custom Database Application was developed according to our requirements, on time and perfectly translated our idea. Also extra technical support was a plus.

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Muhammad Qadeer
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Web Application
December 5, 2017
MIM Akhtar

I have been very happy for the last 6 months with Next Gen and the Web Development Services I've requested. Support is always pleasant and answered my questions.

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Shared Hosting
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Website Design
April 18, 2018
Best Shared Hosting

Using "Professional Hosting package" from them, and i must say its better then any other hosting provider in Pakistan in Shared hosting category. Also support is very quick and caring.

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Usman Nazir
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
April 1, 2018
Fantastic Support

Absolutely happy with their VPS server and E-commerce AutoApp, they have provided fantastic support whenever i needed by going out of the way to solve my issues. Best of luck NextGen

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Sylvie Revet
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Mobile App
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VPS Hosting
August 26, 2018
Support is always next door

Pretty good hosting company, had no major issue with them since 8 months. Support is always next door.

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MD Subhan
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
June 7, 2018
Great Service

The project required creativity, patience and listening, and they had an abundance of all.

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Khurram Aftab
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Shared Hosting
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Website Design
December 5, 2017
Quality Hosting Services

Satisfied with the shared hosting they are offering..thanks Next Gen

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Zain ul Abedin
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Shared Hosting
August 26, 2018
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