.GOV.PK registration requires minimum 1 character for registration e.g. with a single character e.g. “a.com.pk

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.GOV.PK Domain Registration (PKNIC)

Being one of the third world countries, although Pakistan has a slow success progression rate, yet thanks to the availability of the internet, things are getting better and easier for the local citizens.
Unlike in the past where people had to visit government institutes and wait in long queues to get even the required information, official websites have definitely improved a lot of things in the country.
.Gov.Pk is a sub-level country code domain (second level ccTLD) that consists of two parts. The first part mention the word “Gov” which is a short code used for “government” while the second term “Pk” stands for Pakistan. Whenever you see a domain name “gov.pk”, it simply refers to a website owned by an institute under the government of Pakistan

A Very Special Domain name extension!

This unique extension can only be registered by institutions, organizations, and departments that are run by the government of Pakistan itself. Even though the government itself is an authority that needs no proof to get its work done, getting this domain registered is not an easy task.
The officials need to gather all the relevant information and present it to the registrar to get hold of the gov.pk domain. Registrars like PKNIC have very strict criteria when it comes down to handing over government sites as things can be used for foul play. Hence, only a government official can move ahead and get the domain registered with the submission of the required information.
We are a reliable reseller of PKNIC and can register your domain name under this extension without any hassle. All you need to do is choose a name for your website, contact us and get yourself registered!

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.GOV.PK Registration Process

As an individual or a business working in Pakistan, you cannot get your hands on domain names that fall under the extension of .gov.pk as this is only reserved for sites and departments operating directly under the government’s charge.

The process of registration and renewal of this domain is like any other common domain. You cannot get it registered for a period of less than two years and because there is always a high chance of using such official site for foul play, PKNIC ensures to keep a close check and balance on the TLD’s to eliminate any chances of misusing the extension.

This is why, PKNIC has strict rules and regulations when it comes down to getting a gov.pk domain registered, making it impossible for individuals to buy one for themselves.

We help you make the whole process of registration and renewal of gov.pk domains smooth and convenient for you. But remember, as a government official, you need to submit all the relevant documents to gain access to this domain name or else, you’ll leave empty handed only!

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