.PK domain registration requires minimum 4 characters for registration e.g. “abcd.pk” and .NET.PK can be registered even with a single character e.g. “a.net.pk”

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.NET.PK Domain Price in Pakistan PKNIC

“Net” is an abbreviation used for “network” where it signifies the functions of organizations and businesses those work in the field of technology. So, for companies that deal with communication and network, .net.pk can help them stand out of the crowd over the internet.
Most organizations like PTCL, Comsats, CyberNet etc have registered their names under the “.net.pk” second-level extension, which truly reflects their services without having to say much. For businesses today, it has become an essential part of their trade to create and manage a website where they can easily connect with clients and sell out their products.
Even though most companies wish to get themselves registered under the .pk extension, not everyone is lucky enough to find the space and available domain names that best suit their goals. This is why, as a reseller of PKNIC, we offer networking and communication companies a reliable registration service.
We have a long list of available domain names under this very extension that will, of course, help you define your company’s objectives to the world without saying it out loud. Our packages are affordable and service is speedy, so wait no more and step forward to get your domain name registered.

How to register and renew .net.pk Domain?


For a businesses operating in the field of communication and network, having a domain name registered under .net.pk is of great significance. This is why; we at Next Gen PK Domains are ready to help you with the process.

In Pakistan, when you register yourself, as an organization you get the rights of a domain name for two years only. After this, if you wish to keep the same name, you need to get it renewed and pay for the renewal charges.

But in some cases, the resellers of domain names charge high for the renewal of a name or the company wishes to switch to another name, in such scenarios; our PK Domain service can aid you in the process of transfer.

For individuals or organizations that wish to get their domain names renewed, we have the best packages available at the lowest rates, making the process easier for you. Our technical support will help you through the process and provide professional suggestions in case of need.

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How to buy .net.pk ?


Next Gen Hosting take pride in providing the best NET.PK registration services in Pakistan. Our services are fast, affordable and 100% reliable. We have been working in this field since a decade, registering hundreds of domains over the time with satisfied customers throughout the country.
So, if you are looking to buy a domain name for your business at the most affordable rates, you’re surely at the right place!
Simply search in the field above and complete the process. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

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