How to Find Shared Hosting IP Address in cPanel

At times you may need the IP address of your Shared Hosting server. This information is contained in cPanel. You can easily find this information by logging into cPanel. Viewing Your Shared IP Address   Step 1: Log into cPanel. Step 2: On the right side pane, click on the link labeled Server Information.   Step 3: Scroll down to find the Shared IP Address.   The IP address listed in the Server […]

Connecting to SFTP for Shared Hosting

While FTP access has always been allowed on our Shared Hosting plans, we have recently added the ability to use Secure FTP, or SFTP. This procedure is a little different and does not use the normal cPanel login procedure to access the account. Below is our guide on using FileZilla and connecting to SFTP for shared hosting accounts. Generate access keys via cPanel If you […]

How to SSH into your Shared Hosting Server

Your shared hosting account gives you the ability to connect to an account via SSH, using SSH Keys. If you are using a  shared hosting account this guide is for you. First you must generate an SSH key, then convert and download it, and finally connect using an SSH client such as PuTTY. How to Generate an SSH Key Step 1: Login to the cPanel that you want to connect to using […]

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