Tap a whole new world of technological experience with NextGen wearable app development solutions.



In an era of technological advancement, inventions and latest apps never stop to impress people. Taking it a step further, wearable technology has boggled the minds of people completely, taking over like a wild fire. Some may be impressed with it while others try hard to compute what this is all about. And grabbing this opportunity to cater the target market, NextGen has once again stepped up its game to become a fore runner in launching Wearable App Development service.

Our company has always given its best to serve people with things that are not only amazing but extremely useful as well. And taking it a step further, using its team of experts and technologically advanced equipment, NextGen once again strive to bring to its users wearable gadgets and apps that can run easily on various screens and devices. Having a proficient and hardworking team of experts working on the backend, our company has been able to develop apps for multiple wearable including smart watches, gadgets and IoT so that you can gain an out-class experience.

NextGen is a company of dedicated workers whose dexterous skills makes it possible to develop innovative and fantastic apps, each one catering to the varying demands of the clients. We believe in innovation and work with dedication to make impossible things possible!



We at NextGen will never disappoint you! Your ideas are what drive us towards finding the best solutions and giving them life. The specialized wearable app developers at our end are expert in their field and will create full-fledged apps for you that will simply capture you by surprise. It may sound unbelievable, but our designers and developers know how to make things possible for you!

Our aim is to give your businesses a boost and so if you want to gain guaranteed sales, contact our team and they will conceptualize ideas for you that are simply unique and attractive, ensuring enhanced returns on investment. We take benefits of wearable technology and deliver custom-built apps for:

  • Smart watches & smart glasses
  • Modified wearable camera
  • Headsets, bracelets, & wearable computers
  • Handy & compact surveillance devices
  • Trackers and user-friendly monitors



You may know companies launching different technologies and gadgets but to introducing the best ones is definitely a work of art. Mastering in their field of expertise with experience of many years, our specialized team of wearable app developers will build the best technology suitable to your individual need. At NextGen, every client hold a dignified place and with a prolific approach, we try our best to give you things exceeding your expectations and so here are why you should come to us only:

wearable app dev company

Satisfying Various Verticals

At NextGen, we try our best to serve a variety of businesses and cater to the needs of different industries with customized wearable apps.

Top-Notch Services

Quality is our forte and the experts here work seamlessly to provide you with wearable apps that are not only budget friendly but also of top-notch quality.

Apps for all Devices

Embedding each app with cool specifications and hi-tech features, our team creates wearable apps that run smoothly on different devices so that you can be entertained without any hindrance.

Innovation at its best

with a combination of right strategies and latest technology, our experts develop concepts that aim to create apps with the most amazing features, providing everyone with an unforgettable experience.


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Nice Experience

Every minor detail has been taken care of. Clean, Modern Design, i'm very happy with the services and hosting performance.

Wasim Nazir
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
Posted on:
Website Design
December 5, 2017
Best Shared Hosting

Using "Professional Hosting package" from them, and i must say its better then any other hosting provider in Pakistan in Shared hosting category. Also support is very quick and caring.

client review usman nazir
Usman Nazir
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
April 1, 2018

Happy with the website design and much satisfied with the hosting services they are offering. Thanks Next Gen.

Posted on:
Shared Hosting
July 7, 2018
MIM Akhtar

I have been very happy for the last 6 months with Next Gen and the Web Development Services I've requested. Support is always pleasant and answered my questions.

Posted on:
Shared Hosting
Posted on:
Website Design
April 18, 2018
Super Helpful

They have been quick, friendly, and super-helpful every time I have run into problems. There has been almost no down-time. And the prices seem reasonable.

Default Avatar55
Yenny Callan
Posted on:
VPS Hosting
August 26, 2018
Great Support

I recently subscribed to Next Gen shared hosting and all i can say that they assist me good in setting up our emails, first their customer service chat are always online, anytime of the day i need assistance they are able to chat with me, I appreciate it so much coz i have zero knowledge in setting up emails, pointing domains etc. but their customer service guided me through step by step and i couldn't ask for more.

Default Avatar55
Smith Ackerley
Software Developer
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
August 26, 2018
Competitive Pricing

The prices are really competitive, they offer almost every feature in their smallest package, where as to get access to these features on other web hosts you need to choose the large package which costs several times.

Default Avatar55
Nabil Islam
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
August 26, 2018
Great Service

The project required creativity, patience and listening, and they had an abundance of all.

Default Avatar55
Khurram Aftab
Posted on:
Shared Hosting
Posted on:
Website Design
December 5, 2017
A Big Thank You

Custom Database Application was developed according to our requirements, on time and perfectly translated our idea. Also extra technical support was a plus.

Client Mr Qadir Personal Photo
Muhammad Qadeer
Posted on:
Database Application
Posted on:
Web Application
December 5, 2017
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