2checkout Whmcs MD5 hash failure or unrecognized Currency error

While setting up WHMCS with 2checkout for a client we face both the issues (MD5 Hash Failure and Unrecognized Currency). Customer support from WHMCS and 2checkout was not very helpful, so we troubleshoot ourselves and reach the following solution:

MD5 Hash Failure in WHMCS

md5 hash failure

After setting up 2checkout as per whmcs and 2checkout documentation you might face this issue. When you pay the invoice with 2checkout its say “payment successful” but the invoice status stays unpaid, with not track of transaction in whmcs.

This error is visible under WHMCS >> Billing >> Gateway Log

Solution: Disable the IPN service in 2checkout account. (Dashboard >> Integrations >> Webhooks & API >> IPN settings)
Remove “IPN URLs” if any and it will disble IPN service.


Unrecognized Currency in WHMCS

unrecognized currency whmcs

After solving MD5 Hash error we faced “Unrecognized Currncy” error in whmcs billing log.

Solution: For some reason 2checkout charges in USD or Euro at backend, in our case we are using GBP as default currency. Do following to solve it:

  1. In whmcs add USD and Euro and any local currency that is supported by WHMCS. (we added USD alongwith default GBP).
    unrecognized currency
  2. In 2checkout uncheck Enable geo-location by IP address in “Dashboard >> Setup >> Ordering options >> General”

Now test a live transaction, it will work perfectly. If you still face any issue do let us know in comments.

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